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Surfing Travel Guide

Which Surf Camp, Which Surf School, Which City To Surf

Surfing is our passion. As surfers, we all travel with one thing in mind: Where can we surf? Where is the coolest surf shop and where do other cool surfer hang out?

In our experience, the usual travel review sites like Tripadvisor just don't cut it. They provide total information overload, but little helpful info specific to surfing. Surf report websites like Magic Seaweed focus on surf conditions, not the surf infrastructure like surf camps and surf schools. Surf Reviews is dedicated to Wind Surfers, Kite Surfers, Surfers and Stand Up Paddleboarders.

Based on our own surf trips and feedback from our surf mates, we have created this surfing specific directory to benefit surfers worldwide.

Surf Reviews will show you where to find the spots to go surfing, surf-schools, and surf camps, great restaurants and cool places to hang out or party at. We'll even show you which airports are typically used when traveling to the world's most awesome surf spots. Our geographic features allows you to pinpont all this info on an online map. And the best part is, you can access all this info for free.

Surf Camp

As a beginner you will do well staying at a surf camp. At a surf camp you will not only get lessons, but you socialize with other like minded people. A surf camp is probably the most fun way to learn surfing, and makes for a great vacation. With so many surf camps out there, which surf camp should you pick? We would start by choosing the country and city where you would like to spend your holiday. Then we would check our directory for the infrastructure at the chosen location. Your choice for a surf camp then becomes easy.

Surf School

Picking the right surf school is a big deal for a beginner. But with so many surf schools out there, which surf school should you pick?

We reckon it's best to rely on feedback from another surfer - someone who have been to surf schools in the area you are considering. Check the surf school reviews from other beginners. Their reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect, and let you know how good the surf school was in teaching them and others how to surf.

Surf Accommodation

If you are an advanced surfer, or just someone who does not want to stay at a surf camp, a surf hotel close to your surf spot would be ideal. Take a look at our accommodation guide for nice places to stay. Our guide features nice accommodations like Bed & Breakfasts and hostels - all the way to luxurious boutique hotels which cater to surfers. We only list surf accommodations which are relevant to a surfer- either close to a cool surf spot or near a good surf camp or surf school.

Surf Shop Near Me

If you need equipment like a new or used surfboard, fins, wax, a leash, a kite, a paddleboard or a wet suit, ot just some ding repair you should go to a good surf shop. You will want a surf shop as well to buy boards shorts, bikines or t-shirts. You know, all the fun stuff.

Find the best surf shops in the area. Know which brands they carry. Read the customer reviews. Leave a review yourself for a surf shop if you were thrilled or even if you were unhappy with their service.

Surf Guide

If you are an advanced surfer, you might want to consider hiring a surf guide at a new location or surf spot. The guide will show you the best waves and keep you out of trouble with the locals. Our directory has a surf guide section, including reviews by their clients.

Surf Spot

Our reviews of the different surf spots in a given area show you where to go surfing and what infrastructure you can expect to find there - the surf camp, surf school, accommodation, restaurant. We even show you the major airports in the area.

Catch Surf

Go surf. Get stoked. Leave a review.

This platform adds listings daily as members come across destinations they like. So please add your reviews as well and let's give other surfers the helpful information. Add locations that you like (or dislike) and leave a review so that other surfers know where to go and what to expect.

This site was created by surfers, for surfers. Whether you dig it or hate it, let us know. We're always looking for ways to improve it.

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- 22 Jul 2020


Real Estate wrote a review for Haydenshapes
- 18 Mar 2020

Good quality, I highly recommend these boards.

- 02 Jan 2020

This is the worst surf-camp I have ever been to. I will explain why through several points:
-There is a rat colony...

Anne wrote a review for ANOTHER SURF CAMP Baleal
- 24 Aug 2018

We had the best stay at ’Another Surf Camp‘ during our 1-month-travels through Portugal.
Andreas, Gonçalo and the rest of the staff were...

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Mi Ami's picture
Mi Ami wrote a review for Cantina de Ferrel
- 16 Jul 2018

The Cantina is a simple, but cozy restaurant for about 28 guests.
The service is attentive and friendly.
I tried one of their pizza's...

Mi Ami's picture
Mi Ami wrote a review for Taberna Do Ganhão
- 14 Jul 2018

Simply my best restaurant experience so far in Peniche. The steak was delicious and prepared very well. :-)

Great location, with a view...