1974 Surfboards

Hello, my name is Guilherme Vilas Boas, I am a designer, webdesigner and shaper from 1974 Surfboards. I surf and love surfboards for almost 20 years. Since I decided to try the most varied types of boards, I realized that it was a path with no turning back. I found out that for me, surfing is too special to spend my whole life expressing myself in the same way, using the same kind of surfboard, repeating and limiting something that should be limitless.

Immerse Summer Schools in Cambridge University Colleges

Our Immerse Programmes are residential academic programmes with a diverse and enriching curriculum. Our 16-18 year old programmes are designed to provide a taster of what it’s like to study a subject at university level. Our 13-15 year old programmes are designed to ignite students’ interest and help them better understand what subjects they should be pursuing at a higher level.

Neptune Surfing School

The only surf school in Bali you need.
Hit any spot in Bali strategically with our bases in Sanur and Kuta.

Learn surfing or grab a board and ride the waves like a pro. Free hotel transfers, state of the art surf bases in Sanur and Kuta with the most amazing and positive surf instructors on the island.

MADEIRA Surfcamp & School

Madeira Surf Camp is a hostel type accommodation in the village of Porto da Cruz. It is situated right in the middle of the village of Porto da Cruz.

The village is surrounded by volcanic black sand beaches, ideal for those who want to take surf lessons and learn to surf in Madeira Island.

The village does not have a very busy nightlife like other surf destinations in Portugal, however if you are looking for a closer contact with nature and a relaxed lifestyle, then this is your surfcamp.

Surf Expedition Costa Rica


We believe that the best experiences happen off the beaten path. This is why we aim at making people discover new surf locations, that have amazing surf but not many people in the water.

Our fun team of surf coaches are bilingual and will teach you in your preferred language: french, english or spanish

Our photographer will get all the best shots of your to help you understand how you can improve your technique (and show off on your instagram)

Drifters Surf Club

Surfing in India, yes it is possible to surf in India. We have spots with worldclass waves and a vast coastline with potential new and undiscovered spots. Surfing in India has been growing over the last decade and a lot more surf schools seem to have popped up along India's vast coastline. Drifters Surf Club is located in the south-west coast of India, with good swell heading our way during our season time (October - May is the best time for surf season).

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